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Boutique Musical Instrument Manufacturer in Florida

North American Instrument Company is a musical instrument manufactirer that has been building fine, handcrafted electric guitars in the USA since 1961. We offer customers the opportunity to be fully involved in the designing process of their instrument, which is tailored to their music choices and playing style. ...
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Humble Beginnings

North American Guitars were first conceived as an alternative to “factory” or “production” instruments, by craftsmen and musicians who were, in some way, involved in, or fans of, the Fender movement. One of the most influential was R.S. Armstrong, a friend of Leo Fender, who had some fantastic ideas on pickup ...
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Our Guitars

Our musical instruments are handcrafted from thousand-year-old South American and African hardwoods that were harvested more than 120 years ago. Add our many years of experience, personal customer service, and expert craftsmanship, and you have a winner! Basic solid-body electric guitars start at less than ...
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