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Our musical instruments are handcrafted from thousand-year-old South American and African hardwoods that were harvested more than 120 years ago. Add our many years of experience, personal customer service, and expert craftsmanship, and you have a winner! Basic solid-body electric guitars start at less than $3,000.00 and can exceed $8,000.00, depending upon the choices that the customer or artist makes to have their dream instrument built for them the way they have always wanted a guitar to be designed and built. The choice of options is at the discretion of the customer to modify or enhance the basic design of these boutique instruments.
North American Instrument Company has endorsed and sponsored an educational endeavor known as The Creative Guitar Institute, located in Tennessee, not too far from Nashville. Original guitar-building techniques are practiced in this setting, along with newer innovations, woodcraft, electronics, and finishing techniques. With a curriculum centering on old-world craftsmanship meets new technology, these people work to develop the very best blend of tradition and modern quality in musical instruments. It is a labor of love and understanding that requires a strong passion for guitars for anyone to understand this effort.
Dating North American Guitars
No standard serialization was ever developed for these instruments and they are best identified by contacting the company with photos and description.
Credit Where Credit is Due
The company has always operated with a very small, specialized staff. Various consultants and guitar aficionados have, from time to time, lent their expertise and talent to the company, under a policy of always making a supreme effort to improve quality and designs. Some of them are as follows:
Ronald S. Armstrong (RIP) – Master of Guitar Arts & Hardware DesignerJimmy Anderson (RIP)- Designer & LuthierJ. Baxter Goode – Luthier & Design ArtistFred Nichols – Luthier & Restoration Specialist”Paul Miller – Musician and Artist Consultant/Endorsing ArtistBobby Elsworth – Endorsing Artist/ConsultantHal Hammer, Jr. – Design Consultant/Endorsing Artist Barron Wilson – Endorsing Artist – Product Testing

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